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OPC UK's Volunteer Day at The Norfolk Hospice

Within our network of companies, we are committed to improving our corporate social responsibility and making a positive impact in the local community. Last week, our UK team had the opportunity to volunteer at The Norfolk Hospice in King's Lynn. Our employees came together from both the Norwich and Cambridgeshire offices, ready to contribute their time and effort to improving the hospice's outdoor facilities.

The OPC team volunteering  at the Norfolk Hospice


Upon the arrival of both teams from Norwich and Oakington, we were first introduced to the incredible work and impact of The Norfolk Hospice.

The Norfolk Hospice Tapping House is a highly respected institution in palliative and end-of-life care. Their comprehensive care services include the Inpatient Unit, Home-based Care, and the Rehabilitative Palliative Care Outpatient Department. They recently introduced 'The Tulip Centre', a dedicated facility which provides invaluable practical and emotional support to enhance the well-being of those navigating through challenging circumstances.

The Norfolk Hospice
The Norfolk Hospice

After our introduction to the facility, we proceeded to the next part of our volunteer day. The facility gardening volunteers provided us with a tour of the outside area and instructed us on the work that needed to be carried out. The group was asked to prune the rose bushes, and to weed & rejuvenate the carpark. Undoubtedly, a big task for the day but we were certaintly up for the challenge!

We were very eager to get started with our efforts after our introduction to the hospice. In the morning session, we made progress with pruning the roses, and weeding the carpark area together.

The Norfolk Hospice then graciously provided us with a buffet lunch, allowing us a well-deserved break to recharge. We then resumed with our work for the afternoon where we kept up the momentum.

At the end of our volunteering session, we successfully completed the day's tasks of weeding and laying gravel down, as well as pruning the rose bushes. We are proud to have played a part in enhancing the hospice's outdoor facilities, knowing that our contributions will positively impact the staff, residents, and visitors.

Before and After


A special thank you to The Norfolk Hospice for welcoming us and providing the opportunity for us to make a positive impact as a company.

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