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Optimum Patient Care UK and Momentum Publish OPCRD Data-Resource Profile


Focused on unique features of the Optimum Patient Care Research Database (OPCRD) (NHS HRA REF ref: 20/EM/0148), this article outlines several valuable offerings which allows OPCRD to play a vital role in facilitating observational and pragmatic research.

OPCRD, established by Optimum Patient Care in 2010, integrates de-identified electronic medical records, from more than 1,100 general practices and 19.5 million patients, across the United Kingdom, with 11.7 years of medical records available on average. Available in the OMOP common data model, OPCRD has produced over 105 peer reviewed research publications, encompassing a broad range of health conditions.*


Unique Features of OPCRD  

1. All 8,814 GP practices within the UK are eligible to contribute data

  • OPCRD includes Practice Data from all major UK Clinical System Providers (EMIS, SystmOne, Vision) and is not restricted by geographical uptake of specific system providers. 

2. Data is enriched through the active OPC network of 1,100 GP sites across the UK

  • >68,000 patients have responded to disease-specific questionnaires during bespoke and tailored quality improvement activities enabling a uniquely rich data source.

  • OPCRD can be linked to secondary care datasets and national disease registries, where appropriate approvals are in place.

3. Data can be accessed swiftly to meet the growing demand for timely research outputs.

  • OPCRD assures users that dataset production will be completed within 3 weeks from study approval by ADEPT (Anonymised Data Ethics & Protocol Transparency) 

These unique features, combined with OPCRD being one of the UK’s largest growing primary care databases (>3 million new patients added per year), makes it a valuable resource for researchers, with the ability to support a wide range of studies and analyses including: 

To find out more about OPCRD as a data resource, please read the full paper in the Journal of Pragmatic & Observational Research. If you are interested in further information about OPCRD, please reach out via the OPCRD website:


About Optimum Patient Care UK:  

Optimum Patient Care (OPC) is a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to supporting high-quality research and improving patient care. OPC has built an extensive network of over 1,100 general practices in the United Kingdom. OPC is supported by leading clinical experts as part of a National Steering Committee to ensure delivery of the highest quality clinical services, such as:

  • Quality Improvement program to support annual re-validation of Asthma and COPD,

  • Enhanced quality data collection via questionnaires and improved coding,  

  • Research support via database, phase IV and V trials

About Momentum:

Momentum Data is a healthcare research company specialising in real world evidence generation. Momentum was founded in 2017 by academic clinical experts and has since developed a track record in research excellence. The team at Momentum support observational research studies from inception to publication. Momentum has worked with academics, healthcare charities, and pharmaceutical companies to undertake research to improve the lives and outcomes of people living with chronic conditions. Further information about their services can be provided by contacting

*Figures correct at time of publication (June 2023)


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